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We produce the software which organizes all processes of the machine, and this allows us a timely and complete assistance's management, which are even faster thanks to the diagnostic system via Internet.

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ERS TS-BW 1300

Conceived for the production of shopper bags, the soldering machine ERS TS-BW 1300 has a very high production capacity, guaranteed by the perfect integration among mechanics and electronics. With a simple program selection it can be converted in production of 'open-mouth' bags up to 1,7 meters long.
  • The peripheral unroller with servomotor and the coil's hydraulic lifting is modular and independent.
  • The cut and side-soldering device is integrated on the peripheral unroller.
  • The bellows has no recovery flag for sacks of best quality.
  • The hand hammer can be held with little pressers or cold needles with a simple program selection.
  • The soldering iron's movement, produced with a brushless motor, can operate in continuous cycle to produce shopper bags, or intermittent cycle to produce open-mouth bags.
  • The punch cutter has from one to four tracks.
  • All production parameters (bag's lenght, temperature, folds, work modes, etc…) can be shaped and organized in formulas through the keyboard or a regular PC.
  • The software, besides saving up all production times and all alarms appeared in the previous 24 hours of operation, helps the operator with a particular diagnostic function, able to find the real causes of the malfunction.